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TRA004 - Titanium EP

We are back with another hardgroove release. This time with Almir Ljusa, hardgroove techno producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started in year 2002 with DJing and in year 2007 with music production. He has released more than 300 tracks on more than 20 labels and one of his best tracks was released on vinyl record early 2017. His production is good known between hardgroove fans and DJs. He delivered us a great four-tracker called TITANIUM EP. All four tracks have a great beat with tribal percusions and fast bpm. Exactly that style what all hardgroove fans want and love. Take a listen and you will love this EP. Enjoy!

Artist: Almir Ljusa
Title: Titanium EP 14.04.2017
Rec.Label: Transfiguration
Cat.number: TRA004
UPC/EAN: 191079375332
Format: Digital
Style: Techno, Hardgroove
Tracks: 4
Time: 26m21s
01. Gigatech 7:00
02. Stars 6:22
03. Titanium 6:15
04. Tribal 6:45
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