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TRA005 - The Dark Side EP

Welcome to fifth release on Transfiguration Recordings. This time from Spain. Roger Panés aka Mr. Rog aka Loopfresh is a good known Tech-House, Techno, Hard Techno, Hardgroove producer and DJ. He started in 2001 with DJing and released his first tracks in 2011. Its a founder of Climax Records and Larouge Records. He delivered us 6 Tech-House, Techno tracks on one EP called The Dark Side. His experience with making music and tribal hard beats is good known between Tech-House and Techno DJs and Fans. One more time nice work from his studio and its a pleasure to have it on our label. Only one you need to do is take a listen and Enjoy!

Artist: Mr. Rog
Title: The Dark Side EP 27.04.2017
Rec.Label: Transfiguration
Cat.number: TRA005
UPC/EAN: 191079375332
Format: Digital
Style: Techno, Tech-House
Tracks: 6
Time: 41m19s
01. Attraction To The Dark Side 6:15
02. Dialogue 7:48
03. Gesta 5:56
04. Last Step 6:12
05. Search Of Incredible 8:00
06. The Special Event 7:08
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