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TRA009 - Hardgroove Gangsta

Welcome to release Number Nine. We are back one more time from Velky Krtis Slovakia with Andrej Belak aka Andy BSK and another big release inclusive STEMS format. Andy has delivered us 6 hardgroove tracks full of great grooves, dark synths, powerfull and strong beats with tribal percussions and fast bpm. Definitely one must have for all hardgroove fans. Enjoy! --- Do you like what we do and want support our label or this artist? Talk to your friends, share this release with them. All support is welcome.

Artist: Andy BSK
Title: Hardgroove Gangsta
Pre-Order: 29.06.2017 13.07.2017
Rec.Label: Transfiguration
Cat.number: TRA009 & TRA009STEMS
UPC/EAN: 191079526321 / 191079570324
Format: Digital inclusive STEMS
Style: Techno, Hardgroove
Tracks: 6
Time: 42m09s
01. Change 6:48
02. Epic 7:06
03. Motor City 6:01
04. Northwood 7:48
05. Secrets 6:45
06. Technology 2017 7:42
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